Clients about pilates with Britt Normet

“A few years ago, lifting things wrong made my back very sore. Pain in the lower back, tension in the neck, sleep disorders, poor mood, and tiredness became inseparable parts of my daily life. I looked for help everywhere, even from doctors, but unfortunately, I didn't get help. Massage worked as a temporary solution, but soon the pains returned. I finally found Britt! The beginning was difficult because I had never done gymnastics. The results were here in about 3 months! My back pain disappeared, I got a better posture, a happier mind, and I lost some weight! I recommend Pilates under Britt to others, especially people with back pain!”

Gerti Golozova

“Pilates has become my favorite exercise, and Brit is my preferred trainer. For me, it's important not to rush left and right, but to train consciously and thoroughly and "under personal supervision" 🤓. The result is a feeling of well-being, new energy, and a durable, strong physique 💪”

Marianne Reimal

“It's not just exercise but therapy, both mental and physical. Britt Normet as a trainer is a person who is committed and knows his "patients". She approaches them individually, even when there is a group lesson. No exercise is the same, and it is important that you learn and know your body correctly. Only then will it all be useful. For me, Pilates gives strength and health to both body and mind.”

Marge Kari

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